Terms & Conditions

General conditions

The present general conditions are only applicable to sales of products offered in the headings of Savonneries Bruxelloises. These products are sold new. These general conditions are applicable, excluding all other conditions, in particular those applicable in shops.

SavonneriesBruxelloises.com is a service of the company BeaBa SPRL.

Article 1 – Prices

1.1. The prices of our products are indicated in Euros, including taxes but excluding the cost of postage and packing fees (except where specified.)

1.2. SavonneriesBruxelloises.com has the right to modify these prices at any time. However, products will be invoiced based on the tariffs in force when the order was placed. 

1.3. Products remain the property of BeaBa SPRL, up until the completed transaction of any payments are received by BeaBa SPRL. 

1.4. Products and services sold on SavonneriesBruxelloises.com are reserved solely for individual persons. (Non –Trade.) 

1.5. Customers living outside of the EU will pay taxes, and may have to pay customs charges corresponding to the rate of VAT (value added taxes) applicable in the country of destination. BeaBa SPRL delivers products outside the European Union.

Article 2 – Order

Contractual information is available in English. BeaBa SPRL has the right to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute regarding the payment of a previous order.

Article 3 – Validation

You must declare having read and accepted the present general sales conditions before putting in an order. The validation of your order means you accept these general conditions. Except for evidence to the contrary, the data registered on SavonneriesBruxelloises.com are the proof of all transactions on SavonneriesBruxelloises.com and its customers.

Article 4 – Availability

Our product range and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site and in stock. Our products are offered for sale as long as stock is available. For products that are not stored in our warehouses, our offers are valid with the provision they are available from our suppliers. 

This is why we provide indications on the availability of products when you make an order. Errors or modifications may occasionally occur in exceptional circumstances. When a product is unavailable after ordering, we will inform you by e-mail or post as soon as we have received the information from our suppliers. Your order will automatically be cancelled and you will be reimbursed if your account has been debited.

Article 5 – Shipment / Delivery

5.1 – General

The time delays indicated when making an order are the usual average time delays. They correspond to the time needed to ship and dispatch the goods. Products are delivered to the address you indicated when ordering. If the address on your order is not correct, BeaBa SPRL is not responsible for not delivering your order. 

When you order several products at once, and when these products have different time delays, the longest time delay is applicable. 

SavonneriesBruxelloises.com has the right to stagger the shipments. Any charges for postage and packing of the order will be invoiced for just one single shipment.

SavonneriesBruxelloises.com is not responsible for the consequences when there is a longer delay time. 

When a delivery is late (maximum 30 days) and the product has been sent, you may cancel your order and request to be reimbursed for the cost of the product purchased and any return charges. 

In this case, if you have received the product after your cancellation, we will reimburse you when we have received the complete product in its original state. 

We also invite you to regularly follow up your order and to contact via savonneries@bea-ba.be if you have a question or when there is a problem. 

All orders that have not been sent within 30 days following the order on SavonneriesBruxelloises.com will be cancelled unless indicated otherwise and announced in the sales offer.

5.2 – Delivery problems

You must inform SavonneriesBruxelloises.com of any problems regarding the delivered product (e.g. damaged package, opened packages, missing pieces etc.) within 3 days after delivery. Depending on the cases defined in article 12, you may benefit from exchange or reimbursement conditions in this article. 

5.3 – Delivery details

Orders are processed from Monday to Friday, except on holidays. 

Products are sent by mail from Belgium. 

In all cases the maximum delays vary between 2 days and 2 weeks after receiving the payment and depending on the city or country of destination. 

SavonneriesBruxelloises.com and BeaBa SPRL are in no case responsible for delays beyond its control due to a backlog attributable to the Post or one of its suppliers. 

Additional shipment costs (packaging and postage) may be added to the total order (depending on its content): This will depend on the number of ordered items and the national tariffs of the Belgian postal services that are currently in force. 

All items that are out of stock at our supplier or importer will automatically be deducted from the order.

Article 6 – Payment

All payments will be processed using a secure encrypted procedure to prevent the interception of information provided by the buyer. It will be carried out via an electronic payment system such as PayPal or via a bank transfer. 

For all additional information about BeaBa SPRL, please contact BeaBa SPRL and mention your contact details as well as a telephone number where you can be reached during working hours, by sending an e-mail to savonneries@bea-ba.be.

Article 7 – Money back guarantee

The buyer has the right to return goods if they are intact, if the original packaging hasn’t been opened and if all items of the product and accessories are sent back. Reimbursing is also possible following the hypotheses stated in article 5.

In this case, the reimbursement will be done after we have received the goods. Payment will be done on the account number and invoicing address communicated by the buyer, within 30 days end of month. 

All returns must be preceded by an e-mail to savonneries@bea-ba.be, within 7 days after having received the goods. 

All disputes after this delay period will not be accepted. 

The present right to return can only be accepted for goods in their original state (not opened, under blister) and which are complete (packaging, accessories, notices,…), in a good state, and with a copy of the invoice. Returned articles that are incomplete, damaged or dirty will not be taken back. 

The buyer requesting a reimbursement must initiate their request and pay for the charges of returning the goods. The parcels must be sent back to BeaBa SPRL – Av. Albert 1er 108 - 1342 Limelette – Belgium

Article 8 – Security

Our site is secured by SSL encryption in order to protect all data regarding payment as efficiently as possible.

Article 9 – Customer service

For all information or questions, our customer service is at your disposal via mail (savonneries@bea-ba.be), via regular mail (BeaBa SPRL – Av. Albert 1er 108 - 1342 Limelette – Belgium).

Article 10 – Intellectual property

All texts, comments, works, illustrations and images on SavonneriesBruxelloises.com are protected by author’s rights and European intellectual property law. In accordance with the provisions of the intellectual property law, only private use is authorized, which is subject to different provisions or stricter provisions under intellectual property law. Total or partial reproduction of the site SavonneriesBruxelloises.com is strictly forbidden. 

Anyone wanting to use our logo or brand to promote its on their blog, personal site or other, is invited to make a written request to savonneries@bea-ba.be.

Article 11 – Responsibility

The offered products conform to Belgian law and norms. BeaBa SPRL is in no case responsible when the legislation of the country where the product is delivered is not respected (e.g. when a product is forbidden). It is the customer’s responsibility to check the legalities regarding the import and use of a product they want to order with their local authorities. 

Photos are illustrative. We invite you to read the description of each product to know its precise attributes. If you have any hesitations or wish to receive additional information, we kindly request that you contact us. 

BeaBa SPRL is not responsible for the content of the pages it edits. When there is a manifest difference between the attributes of the product and its presentation and/or sales conditions, BeaBa SPRL will not be held responsible. 

Please contact savonneries@bea-ba.be in case you have questions regarding a product. 

In the case of professional purchases, BeaBa SPRL has no responsibility for indirect damage, losses or costs that could be the result of the purchase. Total or partial inability to use the products, in particular because of compatibility issues, will not lead to compensation, reimbursement or responsibility by BeaBa SPRL. 

BeaBa SPRL does not target the professional market. BeaBa SPRL will not be responsible in case of harm resulting from any professional activity. 

BeaBa SPRL is not responsible for the services provided by third parties with which it works. (PayPal and Shopify.)

Article 12 – Guarantee

We commit ourselves to reimburse or exchange apparently defective goods or goods that do not correspond to your order, in accordance with article 7 “Money back guarantee”, which specifies the details and procedures for reimbursement. 

In all cases, you benefit from the legal guarantees regarding the conformity of the goods with the contract and latent defects, in conformity with the specified legal provisions. The provisions of this article does not prevent you from benefiting from the retraction rights in article 7.

Article 13 – Applicable law – Disputes

The present contract is subject to Belgian law. The language of the present contract is French, Dutch or English. In case of disputes with professionals and/or traders, the court of Nivelles (Belgium) is competent. In case of disputes, only the Belgian court is competent.

Article 14 – Personal information

Information and data concerning your identity are necessary for managing your order and for our commercial relations. They may be passed on to companies that contribute to these relations, such as companies that execute services and orders, for their management, execution, processing and payment. This information is stored for security reasons in order to comply with legal obligations and rules and in order to allow us to improve and personalize the services we offer and the information we provide.

With regards to the law of 8th December 1992 regarding the protection of privacy when treating personal data, you have the right to access, correct and delete personal details. Write an e-mail to savonneries@bea-ba.be or a letter, mentioning your surname, first names, e-mail address and if possible a customer reference number.

In accordance with the choices you made when creating or consulting your account, you may receive offers from our company, or companies you have indicated when creating your account. If you no longer wish to receive offers, you may request this at any time.

Our site has been conceived with the needs of our customers in mind. This is also why we use cookies. A cookie registers your visit to our site. Cookies on SavonneriesBruxelloises.com are only used to improve our personalized service to you.


Head office: BeaBa SPRL – Av. Albert 1er 108 - 1342 Limelette – Belgium